We have changed our name to Cottage Pain Clinic.

The public perception has recently associated the words 'day spa'
with the definitions given in Wikipedia:
"A day spa is a business establishment which people visit for professionally administered
personal care treatments
such as massages and facials.  
It is similar to a beauty salon in that it is only visited for the duration of the treatment."

Originally, a careful search conducted on the web to name our service's business in Canada, resulted with the idea to name it Cottage Day Spa . At that time it described our services well.  The original idea of Spa was in regard to a place that people would go to where natural springs of mineral water were located for the water's healing properties.

The treatment with the Masor® also has an invigorating and revitalizing effect on the biological system, and we looked at it as treating the "inner water" of the tissue and having a 'Spa' like effect.  Since we did not offer accommodation at cottage day spa on the lake, we decided to offer the service on a daily basis:
therefore Cottage Day Spa.

At the time, the words 'Day Spa' were not used on the internet in Canada. We were the
first to use it referencing a healing modality.  
Now 'day spa' generally refers to the beautician business and our need to change our name.

Our clinic service : pain relief treatment which contributes to "preventative care" and rehabilitation. We are a professional practice that offers collaboration with all multidisciplinary health team professionals.

Cottage Pain Clinic

"We only treat pain contributing to rehabilitation and preventative care "

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MASOR® is a registered Canadian Trade Mark, with CanadianU.S. patents #1192261 and #4561426 and is
used under license by the Cottage Pain Clinic.

The Destabilization of an Abnormal Physiological Balanced Situation, Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain,
Utilizing Magnetic Biological Device

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